Friday, June 28, 2013

"itinerary review"

itinerary review, thirty-one
dollar cover charge, print page,
shizer zen, in existing bedding, an
opportunity to sign, room six-twenty-
two, it was a pleasure to clean your
room today, akal, audley, zen
sushi, zen government, one is last,
chip cardholder, broads on broad,
embarquement, get the customer
to do the work, maguro, wound
culture, try six six six, verseal
peatray, life in columbus
georgia, jit, life in calgary
alberta, guanciale, pecorino,
how does the text inform you,
please provide fresh bedding,
you are here motherfucker,
lookbook, the local style,
incoming call from sarah,
permanent disfigure, atnalta,

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