Monday, June 10, 2013

"content farmer"

content farmer, shizzle my
dizzle, delirium nocturnum,
is drunk in the right mind,
miss astro winnipeg, cbyb cluster,
street butter, you just go
ahead and burn, faux burn hole,
skip the candy, buddhaland,
polyglot assemblage, theogony,
theosophy, my gars and starters,
clusters of pleats, penny nude,
next disaster, who knows what
text will come to fill the
blank, tust, twikes, togo para
me, the infinite zine, i
never really lived there,
calza, yeod abba, escógete,
poink, lucien suel, division
of labia, gus deserves all the
credit, establishing shots,
x-muss, sunnyoutside,
gouged plywood, purple
memoirs, harmonic condenser
enginium, get some stuff
printed up, casa das rosas,
sexta, barn razing, konkrete
fluxus, if you’ve seen one
brain: you’ve seen ‘em all,

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