Sunday, June 23, 2013

hyphephilia, nogoism, cockloft,
i strive for no thing, pigmeat
radio, golden dreck, eccentric
and cruel history,

cava, oller, chiswick, griffin,
target challenger and northdown
varieties, inmagine, taking steps
to support mental health,
alaskastock, and a dollar for
the lunatics, over the edge
cluster, canals nadal, sambal
oelek, champagne cluster,
avataras, cowherdesses, butter
lamps, satisfyingly concrete,
concrete gesture, puja,
pradakshinapatha, clarified
butter, the creation of ritual
fires, vina, significant
political criminal and
artistic activity, alamar,
oblations, ananta, dot dash,
the ink is rotten, reading
the titles of books, replic

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