Tuesday, January 21, 2014


sanityism, left wing fringe group,
catch a bullet goin’ over the wall,
you can mark your place and come
back to it, a credit-crank, nitchevo,
half century of effort, lambert
conformal conic projection, cityparks
electric hum, azimuthal equidistant
projection, cholo, superrelated,
swamp under hat, a competitive
heritage industry, edutainment,
the understanders, charts a history
of economic, historicide,
tainment, using the word late
loosely, all box, give these lines
to your various characters, shack,
don’t remember it right now, the
at symbol branded on your ass,
what is this hole for, we being
filling, add more books, are
these creases intentional, she’s
so damn sweet it makes me sick,
faffaf, everybody has one of
these rubberstamps, this is one
i don’t want to let pass, all
the rough edges, we orbit each
other, zoot walks in, cat chaos,
roos, you can feel the reality
of it, mental annotations,
just splotch the envelope,
édith butler, why is this one
so cold, one is offering one,
redjistering, e-bait, okayako,

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