Monday, November 17, 2014


homo sacer, ham drapes, one
item remaining, maneschewitz,
the charlville apartments,
bonus dormitat homerus, the
sociology of occasions, gernsback,
how much tea do you have to go
thru, little wee poem for
your nose, the ferocious poem,
softly face, ycckc cluster,
who’s the fuckin’ walrus?,
dead bat lincoln california,
where the secret is hidden,
fifteen bucks for a pdf?,
banana domino, black and
white seems so black and white,
doo da post, bananafish films,
koromex, up-signal, look what
language can do, inglish,
elk suede, look what i’m
doing with language,
heyoka, settler lit, xingyu,
face in concrete, fuck
contest, appaloosa bubble,
sphaleotas ortolan,
flemish rabbit,

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