Saturday, November 29, 2014


who does “she” refer to today,
in egyptian hieroglyphs a
cartouche, gelotophobia,
telamonia, cultural historical
activity theory, sfwy s gallery,
fccmsb, limousin, the average
trip, it’s fun to sign, bltkb,
kinder surprise, not the best
shot, roux, pennies we might
well forgo, persondom,
nonnominal expressions,
honey writing, an interesting
cut, don’t forget to do that,
theodore sturgeon, chrysoscope,
keep your eyes on the center
of the sun, seven years in
buddha, delurk, cancelbot,
territories re-imagined,
let the original go, he hath
founded it upon the sea,
me and the moss, three
good copies, slab of music,
syllogistic hijinx, gazing
at the rubble, the tortured
planet, tenn the human angle,
torricelli’s experiment,
recognize the work, the
way up, the shadow informs,
musical alphabet,

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