Sunday, November 23, 2014


kinikilig, hypermodernity,
auguries of experience,
nemesister, non-places, golden-
eyed lacewing, printer’s figures,
keisha, enters wearing new hat,
lèse-majesté, the nothing
dimension, why the four day
gap, pronounce scout, measure
the text, mirrors from the mind,
let me know what you think
of this noise, non sibi sed toti,
the structure of the letter,
pafa, amtrak, jla, coconut
farm, containment policy,
justice league of adversaries,
kunstdemokratie, spruce
farm, anywhere out of the
world, vendor number,
humanization four-tet,
human capacity for empathy,
shyla mulay, margeau
cream, shyhn mudey, we
grind our own chocolate,
rainer wieczorek, sheiss
atomstaat, age before
beauty, industrial art,
body galore, naked usa,
monarchists for marat,

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