Friday, November 21, 2014

"chetak bajaj"

welcome to the too much
information centre, peanut
chlorotic ringspot virus,
language alienation, chetak
bajaj, ubicomp, colporteurs,
a paint bucket of concrete,
prosthetic gods, do not write
below this line, roll-x, axe
two in one, dipping under
eighteen, comsc cluster, the
shape of the neck label, i
lump bums buster, poetry
trading cards, you and your
dada, lit mons, diabolical
mind machine, semi-aquatic
something or other, radio-
active mango, stang o bonk,
eighty-one oh seven, anti-
gonish, pink black, name the
zine, bright money,
noncontextuality, interactionists,
conversational implicature,
authentic scout book, italicize
this phrase, italics equal
fire, eh to zed, missed a beat,

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