Saturday, November 08, 2014


neogene, lagomorph, manus and
pes, tympanic bullae, choanae,
lot lice, capoeira, the intrusion
point, ocg cluster, hugel, hvh,
riquewihr, tosh, huexoloti,
lespedeza, stuhlhockerbank,
two sticky, loose in the head,
the paper is soiled both sides,
letterpress mud, dim wreck,
damaged letterpress, krowbar
press, save one out from the fire,
variate, adamage, crumbhole,
skplit, krumbholez, as you
clean make variants, uberband,
vandross, other common ground,
cupe, the moss boss and friends,
wirinkle, peter hutton, the
post family, watch in the sky
for the north star and the
big dipper, blue covenant, do
you wish to be included
amongst the mail artists,
mayworks, one thousand page
photobook century, edible
literature, unmemorize,
postal fraud, pa tarnas
undersida, sequential
desire, natalie mayville,

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