Sunday, November 02, 2014


hallucinocean, namenda, fayd,
tajall, vlogging, achamoth,
pleroma, kenoma, memantine,
suvanjieff, hold it up against
the white, nothing frozen, cc
cluster, jorge peral, schizophrenic
psychiatrist, a little pink,
ventimiglia, via cavour,
megamind, tracassin, melman,
rustik le morveux, madagascar,
les three souris bigleuses,
indoor media, tarvisio, dixie
lily quick grits, celebrity
sleuth, abaraxas, entertain
ghosts, pecking order reality,
vril glocke orgone energy,
note purple, the handwriting
of a schoolteacher, kobb labs,
love buck, mine’s toner,
inglorious bastards, pensacola,
the key to the copy room,
the sickness unto death, at
a thrift store for pennies,
eyes helmet cam, groking,
horrifying experiments on
concentration, xong, orange
as in a contemporary poem,
leetspeak, postoids, ad mats,
faience calgary, no pic,

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