Thursday, November 20, 2014


mouseion, massively multiplayer
online role-playing game, effect
consumption and happiness,
lakshmi, karmis, thankfully
no green ink, anno twelve-forty,
j-vile, k-road, ommegang, sbgb
cluster, inbev, dinant, keen’s,
wayzata mn, feel the comfort,
escape commuter hell, how to
envision cities, hammam, snmp
to dmtf: rtfm!, from the
mouth to the anus, meaning
about to blow, orange shaw,
john mountain, dali with his
last painting, fake oh boy,
gold martinis, high shutter
speed bullet entering water,
lucky strike, lose language,
bottle match box, heddwch,
ha, gar seventy-nine, cobble
together an address, what
can a knife do, the original
is richer, colour galore,
you want mail art, person to
person via the middleman,
alch, is that clock right?,
i know real when i see it,
om mani padme hum, ate
art, siyw, los wtf,

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