Wednesday, November 05, 2014


pen recycling, molecular beam
epitaxy, engaged in hand-to-hand
combat, dead pen scribbles, the
end of the world, cgb cluster,
your cashier today was will,
pierre leduc, uni super ink,
begging for ink, épaisse, listical,
psychobiography, urban concrete,
obliteration of the natural
with concrete, a lapsed poet,
gesture toward the concrete,
dislocated figuration,
system to pointing, logos
poetica logos, concretesque,
one is completely cut off,
we need to spend some google
time, smash the pen with a
hammer, hypospadias, anorchia,
epispadias, mummification
bondage, vesica piscis, stella
maris, geografictione, long
term society, tramen,
perverse spectators, the
social life of things,
fantasies in permeable
structures, tearin’ paper
and sharp enough, eklavya,
cartesian sonata, the
chatter heart: an ekg,

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