Wednesday, November 12, 2014

"a theory of action"

etorki, ostrich tuning, infant
ego, gouache, impetigo, concho
belt, occupy yourself, semah,
alcesian, protrude a poem, the
orange tweezers, cluste, dither,
the calgary liberation front,
ectopic pregnancy, xingtài,
xíngtí, yellow finn, the
yippies, a theory of action,
doper porn rag, begin the page
here, twenty-five quarters,
rhuma-chunk, repetition code,
barfcode, you need a reader,
saint icker, stock ticker, deart,
molten red, red handed love,
obey and buy, golden handed,
a digital mosaic, sixty by
sixty, where there’s a slave,
there must be a master,
barcodes for jesus, barcode
yourself, barcode jesus, bar
code oprah, barcode reagan,
barcode war, barcode zack,
barcode madonna, barcode elvis,
barcode marilyn, barcode
manson, barcode arnie,
barcode osbourne, barcode
bruce lee, value nil,

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