Tuesday, November 11, 2014

"the locard principle"

repetition is the spice of life,
college cluster ale, huff juice,
prism pine, poem for your nose,
let’s try and float, one has an
idea in one’s genitals, ccbhbb
cluster, i always forget how
thin it is, anywhere out in the
world, galician, augustiner,
obra multiple, check yes read
it all, sheela na gig, book mate,
half the cubicles empty,
poetry – a form of lichen, snow
hash, the locard principle,
blatherskite, this text is
cooked, break straight, huff
paradise, bodark, hit you with
a heap, which way to hold the
text, check for identicality,
enjoy the art and that’s an
order, a variation in scale,
barco deart, i love pixies,
hello my barcode is, praise
the barcode, worship the barcode,
let the barcode speak, barcode
as gift, bow down before the
barcode, the barcode variations,
red handed barcode, you
need a reader, identicode,

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