Thursday, November 13, 2014


fetiform teratoma, bocephus,
you can’t explain that, ronnie
hawkins cheezies, mañiñas, the
art portion, poem under water,
the lyric eye, the trump type,
being singular plural, eyes
the chariot horses, the blaine
invasion, northern lunatic
fringe, siloxane, thixotrol,
mexican marigold mint, the
tyranny of the upper fuck,
palatable lsd, thumba, eye
creosote, doodle, facebox, hand
doodle, five-pointed star, x
doodle, a shape, code doodle, dot
matrix doodle, acid doodle,
network doodle, music doodle,
jay doodle, tree doodle, eff
six doodle, stickman doodle,
amoeba doodle, q and a doodle,
margina, crouch rocket,

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