Friday, November 28, 2014


paper bandit, hors d’oeuvres
everywhere a cake, concentrate
hard enough, cunt lint, adult
attention deficit disorder,
darkmarket, the conflicker worm,
botnets, ambrotype, writing thru
the turkey, begin icon, seeming
noise, the today project, the
forward march of text, pray
for nothing, pro pelle cutem,
bark ode dear, now i’m one of the
cupcake people, broccoli crowns,
ocgg cluster, iberico adarga oro,
mulderbosch, glenbow, animated
art, cbwm cluster, dazs, mcc
cluster, ex-cluster, c cluster,
ststsw, ctrain, self is we,
timberland cluster, cotton, lg,
pulcinella, fennel blood,
sperlari, kashi, continental,
political haircut, organic
turkey cranberry sausage,
houston, website at www,
stiegl radler, write your
signature, was this me or
was this us, omc cluster,
welcome aboard, peace
officer, chrysope aux
yeux d’or,

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