Sunday, November 09, 2014


nondualism, relational frame
theory, an era of corruption in
high, milk cluster, poetry probe,
xinghái, the memory industry,
the curious effect of hiding,
an academic superstar, the
fractional-reserve system,
a lady-or-the tiger ending,
yorny, vanamonde, con-version,
fsc certified paper, ludicrous
console, no noose is good noose,
the mud-eater’s waltz,
neocene, try to cross the
border, menda city, they bled
your mama, boa leitura, gciu,
sequential desire, ornitorrinco,
pagu oswald segall, o despertar
da primavera, diário de bordo,
ruggero deodato, linnea
quigley, cutting water,
luo yongjin, battered press,
mero, the etcetera barbeque,
winesburg motel clyde ohio,
blow official art out your
nose, aung san suu kyi,
tooth pack, the future of
fluxus, i survived the,

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