Sunday, November 16, 2014


sphaleotas, non-returners,
stream-enterers, sotāpanna,
identity view, tulumba
tatlisi, the secrets of mina,
chitterlings, kuehne, cognition
research, cgbcmm cluster,
shaped paper, all colours, all
insects, ilsc, gémeaux, the craft
of love, fif st sem,
protection from the interior
elements, turn it into something
representational, willamette,
mail art winner, equus grevyi,
amur tiger cub, sub number,
clit-cloister, underpeening,
planche, on, non-occupation,
mashkiig, iinsan, unmap,
casual brutality, the new
hystericism, eschrichtus
robustus, rational expectations,
the efficient-market hypothesis,
autistic economics, the great
moderation, physics envy,
animal spirits, several billion
pennies, courses in economic
history, behavioural
economics, anyone fuckoffee,
all this writing for
what, fitel, ortolan,

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