Sunday, March 15, 2015

"pleopeltis polypodioides"

tftby, fragpo, whale barf,
leaves densely clustered, list
tours, pleopeltis polypodioides,
tillandsia recurvata, listpo,
currently on extended hiatus,
bittorrenting, grey poupon, xeons,
opterons, emergency compression of
a heart, you don’t really like
this do you, tonermind, subslime,
red fragments, de quincey on
the pleasure of sliding gold
coins, bergland censored texts,
rosemont wrong numbers, modes
of thought whitehead, nowell-
smith gramsci, a billion wicked
thoughts, jimbo in purgatory,
kupferberg teach yourself
fucking, doctor johnson’s ref
to mustard in a young person’s
mouth, malone wrench wrench,
fisher stane, bromige a cast
of tens, traven the death
ship, kipnis ecstasy unlimited,
the politics of poetic form,
tulse luper suitcases, goldberg
racist culture, monsters are
inoffensive, the panic in
needle park, emmanuel
goldstein, rogue stimulus,
act like nothing’s wrong,

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