Saturday, March 14, 2015

"koto bolofo"

what would you like me to
write, content distribution
network, saphenous, two tears in
a bucket, heidie’s confirmed and
explained, this car excess height,
when the moss takes over, kitty
galore, app emv, coopers pale ale,
wasn’t that a saturday, ggb
cluster, the new conceptual
poetry, muskie, sunny leone,
neophilia, expeditor, debo ir
me, me like a, can you make out
this text, picasso said he would
take on the german painters,
blue charenton, spirit of wonder,
deleuze l’image-temps, tarrying
with the negative, koto bolofo,
the practise of everyday life,
journal of experimental
social psychology, p, reading
without maps, when tish happens,
the madness of the day,
horseflesh and how to tell
is, bowling alone, apikoros
sleuth, extraordinary engines,
friedman amazing facts,
tripping daisy, metafizz,
street smarts and critical
theory, treatise on slime
and eternity,

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