Monday, March 23, 2015


microspaces, journal box, extra
copy of harry, mailsat, thud,
personal training sessions,
empanada, dollar weeds, cough
button, striking paper shapes,
fratire, negging, rape culture,
lgbtq, teachable moments,
revacuum, cock blocking, a
non-newtonian fluid, wattpad,
theraflu, voguing, storyverse,
small demons, big data, mpp,
friulano, moga, thread-count,
grand bescherellia, faintest
of faint marks, androstenone
america, gar ninety-one,
continuous data feed, corundum,
grand erg, tombouctou, nowness,
copy so lame, amundsen,
cloaked genus, annotate svp,
relinquish wisdom, tim ellis
at london cavd, the rips are
gone in the copy, perforations
lost, relationship jockey, le
point d’ironie, epicene clusters,
america green stamp, texture
of tears, made for detachin’,
clunky paperclip, weaky leaks,
andrej tišma, arleen schloss,
gar nishee, performance
evening, mailart olympics,

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