Sunday, March 01, 2015

"grazars, tsuka"

black robots, elite child-care
helpers, bentspoon books, lisinopril,
edmonton cultural hall, boot up
the mirror, sancerre, ginger root,
cog c cluster, plantation pulp,
write about it and then destroy it,
antigonish clearwater, scotchka,
instead softcup, commuters
hollywood explosions, scattering
functions, hyperbase, vertritt,
grazars, tsuka, how were you
feeling in oh-eight, month long
mural, a zine called dtyl,
poetlandia, abseries, type two
disorder, shit town, jason gale
disorder, your name is hardly
an encumbrance, small fry
will fly, jaap pieters, an
explosive litte book, little,
all about the explosion, oops
we set the house on fire,
conceptual bookwork, satan
claws, infowars, gazeebo-a-go-go,
this is not just a pattern, do
you remember the old cover,
the person i wanted to give
this to won’t have it, bruce
mcclure, eighty-five dollars
for a pile of photocopies,
a pile of shredded

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