Thursday, March 12, 2015

"anadenanthera colubrina"

blue wine, matzo, aizhai
suspension bridge, azawad,
saint elarc c’est moi, cakepops,
anadenanthera colubrina,
hyperbowling, second-level
domain, donec alius diei,
chaumes, cheese cluster,
zmd eight-fifty, to hear the
squeak, ropas, transperçant,
electromesmeric, the year of
the steel penny, vilca art,
can you make that out, ink
breeding, david payne fossils,
paul lawrence dunbar, ngai
made in china, pigs is pigs,
growing up at thirty-seven,
albright art in the bay area,
farrow quiet rumours,
pacifism as pathology,
bernstein the aesthetics of
poetic invention, promoting
polyarchy, harry smith’s
american dreamscape,
crimethinc, gramsci is dead,
shapin never pure, the world
waiting to be made, okada
no-no boy, transcultural
reinventions, fer fio’s
journey, pato charenton,

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