Monday, March 16, 2015

"the coatlicue complex"

happy limbo of nonidentity, rayon,
yawnbombing, hdmi, vertically
integrated manufacturing,
relevé, a biased analogy, arters,
fillet, ccogcc cluster, clicking
world, i don’t take drugs: i am
drugs, mmf industries, arcadia
brewing company, marilyn stencil,
yo fike, yenrouj, botano beach,
accumulation of welded
revolvers, midas muffler man,
desiccated carrot tip, tip o’ th’
pin to, me no infischio, blase und
prostata, biohazard contagion,
pink floyd sticker smas, your
existence gives me hope, a
cloudedhed, bristol stool chart,
panpost pittore, sixtyseven tech,
comprehending the universe,
bringing up father, fe-mail
artist, nainsook, thinktopia,
vip on sex, hello my name is,
irish moss, continually
painted a single, which way’s
up is, the coatlicue complex,
drift from cluster to
cluster, comped, dig
psychosis, ocr tnr, postwestern,
figure heart, xtralife,
to the moon and back,

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