Monday, March 09, 2015


a virtual human, karen tribe,
panchagavya, the miller test,
dendrobium, brodykauff,
neuregulin, dropping poetry
off the balcony, cupcake
chardonnay, the three prong
obscenity test, psychopho, sambal
oelek versus sriracha, hcb cluster,
people we have, a well-used
bookmark, blanche neige,
magenta deer, the penny is dead,
magenta all, magenta cerf,
cirrhotic hemorrhage, long
orange industrial cords,
kaopectate, clustered smoking,
sop, orange shag, bim, how do
you pronounce suddhauccarana,
buddha-shaped hole, image
factory, three years ago, poco
pend, wherry, wood detail,
penny eye,

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