Wednesday, March 25, 2015

"marijuana thinking"

citrus aurantium bergamia,
control theory, sandboarding,
boobism, be drunk all the time!,
twenty-one chairs around a
table, the smell of jasmine,
the hiss of the rubberstamp,
put paid to that, the date is
not an amount, volatile money,
rubberglove cluster, monilial,
peregrinations, walrus code, an
eye full of magenta, acoa,
marijuana thinking, acona,
acog, aspic, sensipur dinero,
pago superba, mayumi penny,
montemora, metadeath,
spanky and our gang,
americans for the arts,
funzine, agĂȘncia de noticias,
jamrecordings, vanda-phonic,
illbilly, lost in the grooves
scram, jandek on corwood,
who put the bomp?, tv a-go-go
jake austen, the jellybricks,
bubblegum music is the naked
truth, the gene pitney story
retold, the grip weeds,
kingsley abbott on pet sounds,
gary and the masticators,
i like the way you wrote
my name and address,

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