Wednesday, March 11, 2015

"wiipurin kaupungin"

paper bomb, cane rat, berzerker,
textis globbolalicus, harrison
curator of education, stand
your ground state, spam me a
river, intimadatating, bluesky
housecleaning, deliphobia, bl
cluster, sexrex, comunicaciĆ³n
a distancia, fluxus poemas,
agregar y retornar, communica
loca, sol pedrosa, euro exchange
rate, rivadavia, who’s gris,
the cbldf, whatever happened
to sean whatever, facing frontly,
cattail dream, wiipurin
kaupungin, dada siegt, is this
a puzzle, watering time, girl
doing to girl, ausbluten,
kreiden, maxidex, erik satie
by jh, fell swoop one-seventeen,
new orleans, natalie cole jump
start, ennet house chef,
stereotaxy, briggs electrodes,
kenbeck dc circuit, rivers of
reward, mk-ultra, p-terminals,
cluster migraines, alprazolam,
mysticetously, integral
sigma, bushphone, blank
temptation, happymeat,
cabot wheat, situationist

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