Friday, March 06, 2015


photobomb, resolving proxy, why
cheddar cheese is bright orange,
goatse, performance piece of ass,
wikiality, gut stab, malaware,
seedless orange, om cluster,
lunch at allans the great beyond,
peregrine, sable island, slaves to
the jimson, panatela, a merry
widow, redemisement, catastatic,
a low orange bleacher,
understanding ink, a huge wall
of text, cobble texts, ross
deluge, a hawk circling eyes,
zijn ajna, kitchen patrol, the
eviction of stuart, flywheel,
ironwood, wskeo, the magical
world of, auburn, poetry
lecture, flywheel pages, march
midnight, drunken paw,
calgary poet laureate, arts
vote, wskeo ninety-two,
writer’s circle, goodbye
jessica, wskeo ninety-three,
billy collins, filling station,
motion gallery,

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