Thursday, March 26, 2015


check cookie, stephanie luck,
penny worth, cg cluster, hordes
of commuters emerging, lolcats,
slow-jamming, boffo, telepsychiatry,
nobless voluntaire, no mas, orange
revolution, vpl, reposado, pixel
of ink, in lieu of work, the
light is better over here, saint
bury, regalia electronique,
transitive moments conscious,
metastatic wipers, language
beyond itself, annotate lost
information, the stillness
nothing, transitive vessels of
consciousness, sundered logic
traditions, preparing this box
for you, ome de arte, add
ma non basta, text as chosen,
infinity blazing, particles self,
annotate kitch, gar ninety-two,
the works to be exhibited can
deal with air, repebitchin’,
one copy forward,

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