Wednesday, March 04, 2015

"kauristie scrilla"

ajna, consolace, iran-bound
brazilian sugar ship hijacked
off india, elevates her titfer,
carpenter wordhord, counter
irritant, sorbitol, anosognosic,
the concrete fuck, ten qua,
fix the rug, communications
budget, artisanal retentive,
sgc cluster, c yel mag cya blk
tan, allopatric, room for all,
gritz walrus, papernauts, needed
yesterday, blew stay pull, see you
in edmonton, capital disbursement,
the birkenshaw, the year of the
rabbit is long gone, the new zine,
cunctations, cliff edge hoping,
orthochromatic neorealism,
found drama, aigrette, sallet,
calpac, harquebus, calotte,
escudo, psychosphere, effluvia
choking our highways,
negotiating strange terrain,
david zack and anna banana,
ibrahim ferrer, kauristie
scrilla, hong kong postage paid
permit three seven oh one,

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