Monday, March 02, 2015

"pontoscolex corethrurus"

activated sludge, pontoscolex
corethrurus, data mining, crataegus
mexicana, pumpwood tree, cecropia
moth, myrmecophytic, spirit orbs,
intenally flawless, spatola
toward total poetry, do the math,
long gone savings, mailsat, obcb
g m cluster, by, city, bogged down
in a game of eschaton, decision
tree, nunhagen, marijuana
thinking, high-calorie cerebral
endeavor, solander box, hard
enough to compose an environment,
paper sensors, vent stack, factor
map, afflicter, alcopop, the
anterior superior temporal gyrus,
hair spots, turning all the ones
into zeros, dtyl dada, sensory
detail, the colophon is a
disaster, gar ninety, pagination
quide, the cover is obvious,
make your errors faster, one of
us made an error, oops, koan,

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