Sunday, March 08, 2015


amblyopia, wold misshapen,
coeliacs, feelawfuls, vibration
cube, misread super, pop-up
gallery, a convention of
spiritualists, bussières, let’s do
a little math, er stands for
eat right, ccmg cluster, sarin,
tenoned and mortised, comsymp,
penny duty, mandrax, pocket
squares, sisal, kilim, ramps
as in leeks, cotton-top tamarin,
orange prize-winner, seeing in,
dirndle, mainbocher, ocr tnr,
honeytrapper, your last orange,
melting pennies, celia y luego
la dejo libre, anal contractions,
dayglo miniskirt, sandpaper
collage, examine closely the
nature of the world, different
interrupt, the lad who sense of
being tranquility emerson,
fragile repetition art, scare
city, eni ilis, halt
kartoffelkafer, opal
moiety, shaanxi, jonkari alex
nu-jetson, plus andrew topel,
scott thomas lexington,
fake john evans collage,
true love forever,

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