Thursday, January 16, 2014


failure-to-panic disorder, challah,
slowmail, you are not yunlong,
take the whole fourteen, glube,
involve all five senses in your
reading experience, cheesier cluster,
glucocorticoid, mental plasticity,
earliest childhood can haunt,
script-driven imagery,
neuropsychiatry, paroxetine,
cognitive-behavior therapy,
flashbulb memories, reverse
learning, positron emission
tomography, the ventral tegmental
area, irreminiscence, thinking
dreams, off-line memory
reprocessing, copjec, adspecs,
social-anxiety nightmare,
supplemine, tangible ideology,
here we go again, fictional
texts, the logo appears, bet you
never thot this was going down
on your permanent record,
by rights this was not suppose
to be copied, you’re getting a
gouge thru this wide toner
swath, to linger or not to
linger, how’s your enemy, this
is you: do you recognize
yourself, the noise is
becoming the figure, booys,
red leather day, booy!,

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