Monday, January 06, 2014


clearly human equilibrium,
the irrelevant classes, paper and
meat, rent cluster, poetry
positioning, placetti, nos ennemis
naturels, aspasias, convert waste
into jet fuel, ever higher cost,
poetry on buildings, free skiing,
cloves pierce the orange rind,
res hotels, jitneys, diplo-speak,
a poetics of exhaustion,
drop to the ten point for lucida,
next week can deal with it, all
the plants in the world, random
font selection, end up wasting
all the paper, well the constellations
themselves are not paper, a nice
tight little product, february
twenty-eight two thousand and ten,
green wave ray, we were transcribing
from illegible handwriting,
lophozia hookeriana, these marks
are only meaningful, aka
test tower, one becomes illiterate,
lead retter, formal purity,
you mailartists are gone,
probing for sore spots, evansia,
turn it on its head, you can
tell it’s a copy cuz it has
no folds, develop a blank
gaze for text, mailartists
who refuse to give out their
addresses, imagining information,

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