Saturday, January 11, 2014

"templum aedificans"

july fourteen nineteen-eighty-nine,
when the moon is a ghostly galleon
tossed upon cloudy, tumbarumba,
tuumba rhumba, take me to the
kittens, psychophants, a whole
nother tmesis, spicy que, your
cashier today was other, the
lunatic burning of money, paytel,
you’re getting soaked, you are
paying with time, handscreen,
templum aedificans, rilievi,
the hellenic element in
christianity, semina motuum,
m’elevasti, slowness is beauty,
oak leaf never plane leaf,
the most unkindest cut of all,
test kidneys, carried an
exceedingly heavy, the pure fool,
helen has nothing, centurion
pine, spray it don’t say it,
mitleid, the author’s writing
is a mystery to the author,
oh no we have reached the
here we go again point, this
text is a hybrid, aff, get
out your little ruler,
nothing but a list of
bizarre entities, thirteen
pages, where the sun shines
on the toner it glistens
rainbow, poster kiosk,

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