Thursday, January 09, 2014


rai onda verde, william hall, all
the trimmings, laqroki, overidentify,
social software, ordo templi
orientis, tantricians, let em take
it, a couple horrific events,
tonked, software hub, the prissies,
breast fill it, nothing clusters,
wrecked verse, innal, do not wash,
do not paint, mind full of the
folds, give it your alls, qui
laborat orat, compenetrans, joint
effort, retroflex, arynoc,
jacaranda, plumb-time, digital
reification, mass mediocrity,
digital maoists, free culture,
oranges and sardines, cluster
of turrets, ministry of tran,
you’ve got the go ahead to
fill in the blank, we need to
determine the correct spelling,
all knowledge all, there is no
question about this blank,
random chunk of metal on the
side of the road,

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