Sunday, January 19, 2014


neurocapitalism, extropians,
short message service, basement
fetishists, womb-broom, muff
nuggets, groupe spécial mobile,
 the jimmylegs, zohai, restless
legs syndrome, the politics of
exclusion, you cashier today
was self, bang nana, writer that
paid his dues, bright shoots of
everlastingness, prolixia, grade
inflation, my body lies over the
ocean, massed practice, superior
underwater vision, the orienting
response, explosion of human
culture, grave goods, perceptual
learning, the focal fish, the
people and their publications,
zodi, halle luja, give signs
in the text, the width of the
letters, laughable language,
one didn’t feel like going on,
all the things themselves are

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