Sunday, January 05, 2014


jackalope, mashpee, who’s the other,
freep, slinky font, shadow material,
a piece of blue sky, multiple
non-meanings, mutant lemon,
looking at images on paper, art
hero, kasugai, change of format,
we got the stamp in the wrong
corner, drain a vein, edition size,
who was not involved, menschen
von unterdruckung und, tee bee
nine, fishlight, housecopy,
himalaya ride, toss off,
jacqueline goddard, tee four
texas, oh we should be bilingual,
you can judge an organization
by the interior pattern, shevel,
eleutheros cooke house,
inverted totalitarianism,
drink canada dry, junko partner,
there’s still room in the margin
for, pagina web, antillas,
factory cotton, schizoversive,
neoanarchy, bilharzia, blank
paper is useful: written on
paper is not, we have lackeys
to make the art, petit rentier,
chambre garnie, chloral hydrate,
veronal, sumpter asses and
assesses, blether-cock,
universal anarchy, hybris,
anti-political, übermut,

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