Monday, January 20, 2014


cancelling authority, down he goes,
i think this little quirk is
supposed to be meaningful, enuma
elish, an online artifact, rawdog,
a night of seconds, diana cam,
switch beds, he being dead yet
he speaketh, fishing for pigs,
a night of serious drinking, we
should get to know each other,
sizing up the loaves, gmomb,
what scotch tape is made of, you
could lick it, for the bubblegum
flavour, the dissociation of
sensibility, reading along with
the rest of the idiots, x marks
nothing, culturing moss, meshik,
exactor, totalism, self alert
training, ginkgo sorry,
modality fingerprints, eureka
alert, human education and
culture, the isolated mind,
aft no eve, if you had to
pick a single phrase, moss is
meat, neurosocialism,

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