Saturday, January 18, 2014


one head up one head down, your
breast, food insurance, set face
on the moon, the emo look, half
eaten crackers, elucubrations,
snowthunder, recoolessence,
cinnamon cluster, start buying
perfume instead of postage,
you’re selling me defective
product, your cashier today
was self, think of postage as
meat, the american language,
sorites, hemiplegic, superior
concrete, a memory artist,
computerized axial tomograph,
social disinhibition, sensory
reassignment, compensatory
masquerade, mirror region
takeover, alternative
strategies, map extension,
gefüllte versus ceviché,
real lites, only one word on
the whole page is blue, and
one comma is blue too, how
do you know when the text is
finished, panic pass, what
makes you think i want
your garbage, the original
has to be seen in real life,
nie rzucać, taoudenni, it
took me twenty minutes to
write this, clux, i ain’t
dead yet but, what am i,

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