Friday, January 10, 2014


the envelope almost blew apart,
schaller eats sausage, the date
ten ten ten, one dollar usa,
mhmuau, inner your, peristalsis
jonquil mandible, turned glass
to liquid, parasystems, did you
move again, never on theme, iap,
aloud requires stamina, sorre,
pick an image any image, e fiori
bianchi, what is happening at
this very moment, well i don’t
work with art materials
myself but, which address is
current, save a little delish
for later, a million identical
envelopes, chlorociboria, squat
art, holacanthus tricolor,
tweet details, post-monetary
culture, moontaster, old
tyme ale, lunchmech, the
colour on dat, atypical
general paresis, castratism,
eris, the furry assemblage,
the emerald tablet, what did
you do with the first copy,
the random pile, this will
come in handy later on today,
unammo, or unk ott, you have
to make the decision again
and again, caught
shoplifting meat, you got
sucked in, last seen,

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