Saturday, January 04, 2014


nice who made the art, best thing
is hit me with something camera
ready, the dak of droll, the union
label is subliminal, are you
speaking for me, collection of
shrunken hearts, the heart lives
in a cage, dallax, orange slices
with cinnamon, chatwriters,
mightymins, lucie, we need to
nothing, cluxster, parasystems,
axima, why the flux, there’s a
lag, media filter, how to speak
about the same, requiem aeternam
deo, seven solitudes, hebetation,
sequaciousness, honey-head,
the dross of verse, let copulation
thrive, objectism, a footnote
would have been helpful, it
causes me pain to let this pass,
sydnie as in, i’m gonna speak
for myself, almost half, no
trace, d· , grody, galaxian,
the name larry bell does not
ring a bell, if you go to the
main, abundancing,

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