Friday, January 17, 2014


dithering, barefoot servants too,
heteronyms, bed-day dots, ben wah
versus ben gay, spanker hud,
halftone dots, ben-day not bed-day,
burmese bells, autofellatio,
heralding nothing, paper cluster,
stamps with bubblegum flavoured
gum, the politics of inclusion,
chinese stone text, kwei-shin,
popular neuroscience, dyscalculia,
history of cultural evolution,
a cluster of tropical islands,
the sea gypsies, insula, an entire
culture of hunter-gatherers,
underwater sight, cognitive
fluidity, signature cultural
activities, geste, lyrids, sicut
eritis dei, givebacks, darvon,
excess eyed, most likely words
will appear here, string of
zeros, not the prettiest piece
of paper, don’t be including
shit that will make this
difficult to copy, i can’t
even read this, i walked by
the celebration, what is
with the heads, languagable,

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