Wednesday, January 08, 2014

"a penrose stair"

yes we look at text, yes okay i
can see the difference, the back
tells you how to look at the front,
paper reality, paper is dead,
brilliant paper, not sure if i
see the meaning but, document
heaps, degree of replication,
magic clockwork, green hair ginger,
mail sign indicates, lighthouse
in disrepair, boobbinding,
seventeen feet of snow, nomadic
science, thump the paper, penny
threshold, the applet don’t work,
check hec, narcomania, twenty
dollars to drop on, is this even
me, don’t be afraid to go
under, the red indicates nothing,
auto-sixty-nine, micro-all,
mass information, tu blank,
hors de concours, the happiness
at the end of the contest,
hybris, qualitas occulta,
philalethes, prana, a penrose
stair, unfortunately
legible, buxcey, the printer
intentionally, apian, offer
up oranges, this text is
written, the most likely
scenario, montago, there is
all the difference in the

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