Wednesday, January 15, 2014


pile of paper, he changed everything,
just for the blank of it, vary your
diet, the zoot suit riots, aere
perennius, confucius him say,
end of heavy clouds, cybex,
glia, neurogenesis, the striatum,
dentate gyrus, neurotrophins,
cod liver oil, high-amplitude
gamma synchrony, the septum,
corticotropin-releasing factor,
neuroendocrine, quantum
teleportation, zero social
interaction, dropped atop
concrete, super-secure quantum
communication, valentine’s
day chat marathons, why are
these texts so different,
dicranella crap, all this
writing is a huge job of
work, leave a blank in the
copy, a list of books to drive
you crazy, typewriter
obsolescence, panic pas,

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