Monday, January 13, 2014


evidence that the artist is still
active, modulor, mail tart, send it
back, battlefish, art detox, we
are not building bombs, cindy
cashdollar, here we go again,
transparent colour, disintoxification,
the artist is gone but the art still
glows, credit to whoever wants
credit, haslam dancing, well it’s
a lot to say, substance not form,
how we will look from the
future, flea market photos, you
want me in, neuroanarchy,
killer penny, hottest penny,
epigenetics, street meat,
postdata, uterine didelphys,
diphallia, huge coupon email,
total change, the cluster
strategy, obiter dicta, nothing
loath, historical evidence
into consideration, orange dogs,
signal to noise ratio, electret,
cardioid pattern, käxed,
kärlek, statins, graders
scrape off mossy stuff,
the therefor symbol, fake,
the burden of replication,
gomma, present technique,
cancel authority, fill it
back up with money,

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