Sunday, January 12, 2014


burning muffler, being senior,
this is me in nineteen eighty-seven,
write your own aphorisms, empty veins,
you had to take the press underground,
political weather, everyray, bite
marks on the card, the production
of thousands, ciani, labelblank,
well you have e-mail but, a
monument to the self, handletter
font, atlantic cable, nooschpheere,
the hat of authorial impossibilities,
marathon sleeper, parasyntactic
shizz, milk is murder, saliva
and cinnamon, doctrine of
signatures, celandine nipped by
swallow, unstill, risplende in
se perpetuale effecto, the
associationists, a book of oranges,
relational art, new genre
public art, just an artist,
create a real accessible beach,
let is spill, gouge out an
original, very protective of your
paper, you wouldn’t know that
these were written by the same
hand, pack a random,

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