Wednesday, October 29, 2014

have you seen the DUAL in indiviDUALity?

dividual, raclette du savoie,
the velvet kangaroo with a penny
in its pouch, spreads its oranges,
outdividual, cluster of tremors,
croppie fish, mufa pufa sufa,
fupa, retrieval ref, orange zed,
ole no brainer, take a lot of
bucks, ocw cluster, walrus
morse, rollercoaster vomit,
bananafish films, jokeage, tea
party culture, red zep, fly in
the oinkment, lick at own risk,
where the secret is hidden,
gum side, zero cents, tb culture,
ragged edge press, ripetition,
lickage, crackerjack kid, at
me dot com, thai boats, ceramic
fish, taylor guitar, you had
to do a lot of art to get to,
orange flesh blythe, look at
the high art, greenfield brain
cell netland, brian setzer
billy corgan, zeneric, penny
reflection, enjoy the blank,
porphium, morphium, a jar
for each organ,

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