Friday, October 10, 2014


sploughe, heyoka, octooza,
the art of happenstance,
sysomos, hubspot, all of the
photos: none of the boring words,
minneola tax, saint me, ocb
cluster, hyalophora benefits,
keith martin illustration,
every wave of disaster,
infochine, imagination
without learning joubert,
dismiss earth elemental,
kalkaska, paper poses a choking
hazard, thanks for your
thoughtfulness, seeing the
bauhaus through a ketchup
bottle, paper police panzer,
gesprächsbericht, pullman
fiftysix, berty skuber, mat
for laying down in the street,
sometimes is more often than
you think, familiar things,
borobudur, superreality,
william daniel lee thomas,
heed nothing, assume your
mind is being manipulated,
big bear lake, orange
hollow-body, hasa diga
eebowai, inderal la,

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