Tuesday, October 21, 2014


essential accidents, pansexual
imp, spricket, suburgatory,
salsafication, retire the green,
scout, ink is noise, co cluster,
micro-eye cluster, walrus flipper,
parable communications, all
c, here’s the rub, it’s all just
rubble, wait here’s a couple
of good planks, when you have
bawa, this will explain,
dopesick ma, plymouth, relevé,
chenille, valsalva, pointelle,
fusion panties, orange grease,
warning level orange, drop
cluster bombs from a drone,
froogle, multinetworked,
the heads of executed
commissars, mincecore,
cached info, a speck of
information, hastings street,
toxic personalities, remove
voice mail, surf faster,
is that a leading question,
bear mountain motel, ten
grand ideas, run forth,
my ka, are you going to
continue, missed shows,

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